Every year we will take a number of cadets on annual camps. These are week long visits to RAF stations around the country. The cadets will live in service accommodation and eat in the mess, undertaking a number of activities throughout the week designed to give them the 'RAF Experience'.


No matter age or rank this experience is open to any cadet aged 13 or above.

Over the course of a week you will take part in many activities that you wouldn't be able to do without being a cadet, such as shoot, drill, night X and much more.

There are many more camps that happen over the course of a weekend that you really don't want to miss.

the most favoured camps is the first aid camp

During the first aid camp you will be taught life saving skills that are very important to know and at the end of the weekend you will see yourself walking out with a new red first aid badge and certificate.


There are more educational camps, such as the junior and senior NCO camp, these are the camps you go on when you want to progress on to a ranked role in the cadets, although these camps do not guarantee a rank they will improve your chances in the future.